Whale Browser from Naver (Korean)

Naver's papago on Naver's Whale browser

Whale has built-in Papago (online translator)

Naver has launched its own browser ‘Whale’ (beta version) for free download: http://whale.naver.com/download so I tried it yesterday and I found it useful to help me learn Chinese.

  • E-books from Google Play and e-magazines from Fujisan load smoothly and faster on Whale than on Firefox or Chrome, which means less frustration for me when reading my Chinese textbooks.
  • I can use Papago (online translator) as a pop-up window when I study from Chinese e-book so I don’t need to move from tab to tab to look up words and sentences. The Chinese audio for Papago sounds even more natural than Naver Translate but I think it would be better for learners if it showed pinyin/romanization.

Whale is entirely in Korean, maybe they will release English version later? Maybe not? ###




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