Basic Sentence Patterns

From the book ‘233 Core Patterns for Chinese Conversations’ (중국어회화 핵심패턴233) written by Uhm Sang-cheon (엄상천), translated roughly:

A = B

Pattern no. 1: A is B

Do you know what you should do in order to speak Chinese fluently?
I will tell you the simplest way to do it.

  • Step 1: learn and master the sentence patterns (which are the bones)
  • Step 2: learn and master the vocabulary (which is the meat that stick to the bones)
  • Step 3: practice the sentence patterns over and over by changing the words.

All you have to do is repeat those 3 steps over and over. Practice until you master the patterns and vocabulary, until you can say them without hesitation.

Sounds doable. I’ll start learning sentence patterns from the book tomorrow. Maybe I can learn a pattern a day.

I purchased the book 중국어회화 핵심패턴233 on Google Play (with audio inside the e-book): ###


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