Meaning of 首尔生活加油站

首尔生活加油站 is the name of a radio program in Chinese that plays automatically on Audio Clip app after ‘Real Life Korean’. I wonder what it means.

首尔 [ Shǒu’ěr ] = Seoul
生活 [ shēnghuó ] = life (新HSK4)
加油 [ jiāyóu ] = Cheer up!
站 [ zhàn ] = station (新HSK3)
火车站 [ huǒchēzhàn ] = train station (新HSK2)
加油站 [jiāyóuzhàn] = gas station (新HSK4)

Station to support living in Seoul?

I only know 180 Chinese words and all I could catch from the show was… 现在 [xiànzài] = now, 对 [duì] = yes/right, and 再见 [zàijiàn] = good bye.

Using the same amount of time (30 minutes), I think it’s more efficient to learn new Chinese words from a textbook or revising Chinese vocabulary so I don’t forget rather than listening to a radio program for native Chinese. ###


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