Today’s Date

I like these ‘Rhythm Chinese’ sample videos from Munjeonga Chinese (문정아 중국어) in Korea. The video course is too expensive for me, though. The online course is 599,000 won for a year (500 US dollars?) . But language courses are usually expensive so it’s actually… reasonable? Now I think that Talk To Me In Korean is really generous because their video clips are free.

오늘 며칠이니? What’s the date today? 今天几号? Jīntiān jǐ hào?♬
오늘 8일이야. Today is 8th. 今天八号。Jīntiān bā hào.♬

The cute girl in the video says ‘lucky 8, that Chinese people like’. I didn’t know 8 was the the lucky number in China. What do I know about China? Air pollution? Not fun. I should learn something about China.

I have a small desk calendar to tell me what date it is today and also to motivate to keep my room tidy because it’s published by Marie Kondo, the famous Japanese organizing consultant. I think I can try recall Chinese numbers, whenever I see the desk calendar.


KonMari’s desk calendar in Japanese

Today is 6th. So… 今天六号。Jīntiān liù hào. ♬ ###


2 thoughts on “Today’s Date

  1. This would be great for me to learn Korean and Chinese at the same time XD still too expensive tho, even for 2 languages.
    I myself know very little about China. I studied Chinese modern history at university but that’s surely not enough to get accostumed to the ‘flavour’ of the country, if you know what I mean. I’ve been looking for books talking about contemporary Chinese society but to no avail 😦 if you happen to come across something interesting give me a shout!


    • Hi, Julia! It’s for people living in Korea anyway, not for people abroad. I like the idea, though, using rhythm to memorize tones. Like you, I took a course about Chinese history, but I forgot everything. I remember one name 毛沢東, I have no clue who he was.
      Contemporary Chinese society? Like ‘Nihao China’? But it’s in Korean.

      You’re right. Reading a book about how they live there should be interesting.Thank you!

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