Learning Chinese with Rhythm? and More Books

I’m really frustrated with Chinese because I forget the tones the next minute after I learn them. I use mnemonics so I remember the numbers, but not how they’re supposed to sound.

Some Korean podcasts that I listen to have a short commercial in the beginning for a Chinese language program called 문정아 중국어 (Munjeonga Chinese) which uses ‘rhythm’ to memorize Chinese. The commercial gave one example:

Are you busy? 넌 바쁘니? 你忙吗?Nǐ máng ma?

and now I remember the sentence. I guess because I’ve listened to the commercial multiple times, and also, I start thinking that maybe rhythm does work to help remember tones?

From 문정아 중국어 (Munjeonga Chinese)’s YouTube channel

How much is this? 这个多少钱?Zhège duōshao qián?
Five yuan. 五块。Wǔ kuài.

Another problem is I think the sample sentences from my textbooks are too long for me. I feel so helpless that all I could do is just stare at them.

And so I bought more books.


Bought these on Google Play

  • 자동암기 중국어 1 and 2 (Automatic Memorization Chinese), by 최윤진 (Choi Yoon Jin) and 문단열 (Moon Danyeol), in Korean.

The customer reviews weren’t so good. People think it’s ridiculous to learn easy Chinese words with rap music and there is not much content in the books if compared to other textbooks. But I already have other good textbooks with much content, I can’t even start learning with them. I hope that I can get the hang of memorizing Chinese by learning from these books first. By the way, not only Chinese, the author, Moon Danyeol, -he’s Korean- is very fluent in Japanese and English, too. I used to listen to his radio show in Japanese on KBS World – Japanese service.


Bought this e-book about memorization tips to learn English on Neowing

  • 頑張らない英単語記憶法 by 西澤ロイ (Roy Nishizawa), in Japanese.

It’s a book on ‘how to memorize English words effortlessly’. Maybe I can apply the tips to Chinese, too. I read it a little just now. It mentions about ‘forgetting curve’ (just Google it) and so without repetition/review within 24 hours, people will forget most what they learn. And that memory is like muscle, to make it stronger, you need to train it with repetition, learning just once is not enough. Sounds like common sense but I’m just really sad right now and I need to feel motivated. ###


4 thoughts on “Learning Chinese with Rhythm? and More Books

  1. I now officially envy you for being able to learn Chinese through Korean :0 I would be like learning Japanese through Chinese for me. Unthinkable!!


    • Hi, Julia! You’re too kind. I started to think that it was a good thing that I learned Korean first because there are many interesting books and YouTube videos in Korean to learn Chinese. It doesn’t mean I can remember Chinese well, though. I think you will be able to learn Japanese through Chinese once you know enough Chinese words? Learning Japanese through Korean is easier because they have similar word order, though.


    • I agree, maybe Japanese from Chinese is not the best option. I should probably ‘finish’ with Chinese, then recover Japanese and then study Korean from that! 😀


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