HSK Standard Course Level 1 – Main Textbook


Bonus bookmark from Book Depository





Every chapter starts with conversations.


Explanation about grammar etc. comes after the conversations.

This just arrived today.🎉

HSK Standard Course Level 1 – Main Textbook (with 1 MP3 CD)
Jiang Liping, Wang Fang, Wang Feng, Liu Liping
129 pages
01 Jan 2014
Beijing Language & Culture University Press, China
ISBN-10: 7561937091
ISBN-13: 9787561937099

The textbook series is meant for classroom use. There are also Teacher’s Book and Workbook but I don’t think I will buy them. I only bought the main textbook and it looks good for self-learning, too. I can use this.👍 ###


4 thoughts on “HSK Standard Course Level 1 – Main Textbook

    • No. 🙂 I still don’t know where I can apply for HSK in Indonesia. Maybe I’ll find information about it when I am ready for level 3.


    • Perfect, I’m aiming for level 3 as well so we can motivate each other during the journey 😀 hope you’ll find the place where they hold it, it would be weird for Hanban not to provide this service in Indonesia 😐


  1. Hi, I am a new learner Chinese. Can you share with me file MP3 of this book Hsk 1?
    I will be very grateful to you.
    Plz help me.


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