Mandopop Charts

I searched for Chinese music charts and found:

Is it just a coincidence but almost all Chinese songs popular in mainland China I listened to were sad ballad songs?

And then I saw Khalil Fong’s song HBDD on the 3rd place on ‘hito’ (Taiwan). I love that song so I thought maybe I would also like the other songs in the chart.


“Hito” chart

It is somewhat easier to find Chinese pop songs from Hito chart on YouTube and Spotify but the titles and names are in traditional Chinese because they’re songs released in Taiwan…


I need to know the simplified form…

Five top songs on Hito chart this week:

顽固 – 五月天
Tough by Mayday

顽固 [wángù] = 頑固, stubborn
五月天 [wǔyuètiān]= May + Day

I know nothing about Taiwanese music, but this sounds like a J-pop song to me. Even the music video reminds me of Japanese movies.

最后的请求 – 狮子合唱团
Please by LION

最后 [zuìhòu] = 最後, the last
请求 [qǐngqiú]= 請求, request

狮子 [shīzi] = 獅子, lion
合唱团 [héchàngtuán] = 合唱団, choir

Rock band.

很不低调 – 方大同
HBDD by Khalil Fong

低调 [dīdiào]= low profile
方大同 Fāng Dàtóng

I really can’t listen to the song, HBDD, without bobbing my head or tapping my foot. I like it so much so I left a comment on YouTube and… that comment got 4 likes from other fans. Trivial but it made me happy.


In Japanese: I don’t understand Chinese but it’s a song that will pump you up… and so on.


年轮说 – 杨丞琳
Traces of Time In Love by Rainie Yang

年轮 [niánlún] = 年輪, growth ring
杨丞琳 Yáng Chénglín

Ballad. Beautiful voice.

这个世界 – 孙燕姿
This World (?) by Stefanie Sun

这个 zhège = this
世界 shìjiè = world
孙燕姿 Sūn Yànzī

The song is not available on Spotify for Indonesia and I couldn’t find the official music video on YouTube. Oh, she was the original singer of 天黑黑 (Cloudy Day).

Good night. 晚安。###



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