Today’s Top Albums on iTunes Indonesia



iTunes Indonesia

Khalil Fong’s new double albums Journey to the West (Black and Gold Edition) are released today and I found them among top albums on iTunes Indonesia. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever seen Chinese albums make it to the top ten. So Khalil Fong is popular here. I have no way to confirm that because I don’t have any friends… and I don’t watch TV… and I don’t read magazines…

I’ve only listened to one new song: 味道 [wèidao] featuring Zion. T and Crush because they’re popular R&B singers in the K-pop world and everybody was surprised that Khalil Fong did a collab with Zion. T and Crush. I think the song was OK. I didn’t hate it. By the way, 味道 [wèidao]  is an HSK Level 4 word and it means ‘taste’, according to Naver Dictionary.

I plan to listen to the rest of the albums later as soon as  I can find the time. ###


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