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I’m Indonesian, living in Indonesia, and… 80% or so of Indonesians are Muslims.

So I was thinking…
if it were true that we just need to read and listen to a foreign language without understanding the meaning, then by now all Indonesian Muslims could speak in Arabic because Quran is in Arabic and Muslims in Indonesia read and listen to Quran since they were small children. Do they speak Arabic? No, they don’t. They can read aloud Arabic letters but that’s all… zero understanding.


Regarding to language learning, reading and listening without understanding is useless.

You still need to make effort to understand.

It’s common sense.

But it’s really tempting to believe nonsense you read on the internet. 😁


I did Anki today.

How to say this in Chinese?

“Let me introduce…”

Uhm… I know it starts with “I”, so “wo”.
And then “lai” or ‘to come’ in order to show your assertiveness… or something like that.

“Wo lai…”

What’s next? I can’t remember. But I’m sure the last part is ‘yixia’. What’s the tone for yixia? 2 and 4? 4 and 2? Not sure.

‘To introduce’ in Japanese 紹介 [shoukai] but in Chinese it’s reversed: 介紹 but how to read it in Chinese? Definitely not [kai shou]. Maybe [jie shao]?

OK, I get it.

“Wo lai jieshao yixia.”

Final answer? 😁

Yes, final answer.

“Wo lai jieshao yixia.” *try to sound like Chinese

Let’s see the answer! Even though Chinese people whom you’re going to introduce have gone home because you’re taking too long to say this one sentence!


I want to introduce you to someone.

Oops, I got the tones completely wrong. I sounded wrong. I bet, to a Chinese, I sounded like speaking gibberish. Maybe I should remember it like a tune? But somehow “wo lai jieshao yixia” is correct.

It was like that for me for all the 25 sentences I was trying to memorize today.

I read an advice to use mirror to check the shape of my mouth when pronouncing Chinese. God… my face looks so funny when I speak Chinese. I really don’t look normal. 😁


It felt like an hour, not 13 minutes, though.

This language is so hard I can’t believe that 1 in every 5 people in the world is Chinese. Kidding. I know it’s irrelevant.

I really need to start reading my textbook and learn grammar… tomorrow. I will tomorrow. 😁 ###


2 thoughts on “No Title

  1. I love how you integrate all these different media and resources in you posts, it makes the reading experience really enjoyable =) are you studying Chinese through Japanese flashcards? Any chance there’s also a Japanese Vitamin? Then I’ll promise I’ll stop stalking you 😀


    • I just need a place to ramble about learning a language as a complete beginner.Thank you for reading my blog. My flash cards are in Japanese because I copied the words from a book in Japanese. When I use a textbook in Korean, I will just copy the Korean translation.
      You’re too kind. I was never compelled to blog about learning Japanese but I’m sure there are already many bloggers because Japanese anime, drama, and J-pop are popular since forever. Good luck with your Japanese.


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