Fangirling over Khalil Fong

Yesterday I used Anki again. I thought I left it empty but there were 60 Chinese words on it. I didn’t remember any word, I didn’t even remember I made those flash cards. I didn’t want to re-learn them because they just made me feel depressed and frustrated. 😓 So I deleted everything again. Phew!

And then I copied 60 sentences from my Chinese wordbook (‘Kikutan’ Chinese series, Introductory Level, written in Japanese) to Anki, yesterday. Today I memorized them. They were simple sentences like ‘long time no see’ and ‘please talk slowly’. 💻

I used “Basic (and reversed card)” type before but this time, I think I only need Anki to help me recall those short phrases from my memory and I use Japanese to recall Chinese so… no need for reversed cards. I typed Japanese translation as ‘Front’ and Chinese phrases I want to memorize as ‘Back’ so I can quiz myself: how to say ‘good luck/I wish you success’ in Chinese? The answer is 祝你成功。


Anki – I wish you success.

And then I used a phrase I just learned to spam on Khalil Fong’s Instagram account. 😎


Fangirling is fun way to practice Chinese.

The world doesn’t realize it yet but fangirls have superpower: we can learn a language without having to go to the country where it’s spoken. Never underestimate the power of love… and unlimited internet. 💻

Yesterday Guang Zhou today Taiwan. Album promotion continues. #JTW

A post shared by Khalil Fong (@soulboykhalilfong) on

There are 1679 posts on Khalil Fong’s Instagram so he must post something every single day… let me get Google to calculate this for me… for the last 5 years? Wow, really? Anyway, he’s fun to follow. I just wish he would make captions in Chinese, too, not English all the time.

I found out that Zion T and Crush were fans of Khalil Fong from this YouTube video.


So in Korean, his name 方大同 is 방대동 [bang-dae-dong], and the title song 爱爱爱 is 애애애 [ae-ae-ae]. The Chinese characters are pronounced in Korean way.

I found the official music video of 爱爱爱 by Khalil Fong.

It’s OK but I think I prefer the live version I found on Spotify.

I think it’s great that every time I search for any Khalil Fong’s song title on, I always get a Chinese site that streams the song with lyrics that are highlighted in time with his vocal so I can try read the Chinese characters while listening to the song. I can’t sing along yet but I’m determined to memorize all those Chinese characters.


Music streaming with lyrics!

Figuring out grammatical patterns of Chinese sentences without following a textbook is so hard. At least with Japanese and Korean it’s clear that the predicate always comes last. ⇒So why don’t you just start reading one of your textbooks? I didn’t feel like to. Maybe tomorrow. 😁

Good night. 晚安。###


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