Chinese Lessons from CCTV Korean Broadcast

I found a playlist of Chinese video lessons 스마트 중국어 (Smart Chinese) on CCTV 한국어방송 (CCTV Korean broadcast)’s YouTube channel. The lessons are in Korean. There are 55 videos in total, 11 minutes each.

According to Wikipedia,

CCTV or China Central Television (formerly “Beijing Television”) is the predominant state television broadcaster in the People’s Republic of China.

Just like KBS in Korea or NHK in Japan, I think.

I watched lesson 1 today and learned 3 Chinese expressions for self-introduction.


Nǐ hǎo.
Wǒ jiào Lǐ Měinà.
Jiàndào nǐ hěn gāoxìng.

My name is Lee Mina.
Very happy to meet you.

The teacher in the video says that to show respect, instead of 你 nǐ (you), I can use 您 nín (you). →您好。见到您很高兴。Hello. Very happy to meet you.

The video looks very old-fashioned as if it was made in the 80’s but the explanation in Korean is very clear. I am surprised that I can memorize a sentence consists of more than 3 letters:见到你很高兴←This is long for me. 😀

I also learned how to say ‘happy Chuseok’ in Chinese from Nihao China’s Instagram (also in Korean).

中秋节 [Zhōngqiūjié] = Chuseok

Have a nice Chuseok.
Zhù nǐ Zhōngqiūjié kuàilè.

Khalil Fong’s Instagram update says “We wish you a merry moon cake festival.”

Maybe ‘Moon Cake Festival’is the Chinese version of Chuseok?

We wish you a merry moon cake festival. #MV #JTW

A post shared by Khalil Fong (@soulboykhalilfong) on

From the hashtags, I assume he’s working for his music video of his new album Journey to the West.

By the way, I found another music video that I like: 方大同 Khalil Fong-黑白灰 Black White & Grey (Official MV) and so I learned colors: 黑 hēi & 白 bái & 灰 huī.

Wait… just change 你 to 您, right?


My spam comment on Khalil Fong’s Instagram.

Hello. Happy Chuseok. You’re really handsome.

😀 ###


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