Spamming Khalil Fong’s Instagram

Khalil Fong updated his Instagram with caption #elletaiwan. So he had a photo shoot for Elle magazine.

🙏🏻 #elletaiwan #elle

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I thought maybe there was an article in Chinese about him on Elle Taiwan’s website so I googled. Found this:

The website was in traditional Chinese. Like, of course. Taiwan.

Should I learn traditional Chinese, too? I hope I don’t have to. Too much burden for my tiny brain.

I found a video of Khalil Fong on Elle Taiwan’s YouTube channel.

He talks about this music video, Wu Kong, I guess.

How do you say 西遊記 [Saiyuuki] (Journey to the West) in Chinese? 西游记 [Xīyóujì].
And that monkey 孫悟空 [Son Gokuu]? 孙悟空 [SūnWùkōng]. Interesting.

Khalil Fong speaking in Chinese was so adorable and there was a transcript on the screen. I thought that maybe I could learn a sentence or two. But then I realized that the subtitles were in traditional Chinese. Hmm…

Well, I haven’t decided whether I should learn traditional Chinese or not (the problem is all my textbooks are in simplified Chinese), but I think at least I need to be able to type in traditional Chinese, which is easy to do with the keyboard I already use: Microsoft Pinyin New Experience Input Style Options (why does the name have to be so long?). I just need to switch the character set to Traditional Chinese.



Options → ‘Advanced’ tab → Character Set

And then I got an idea. I could spam Khalil Fong’s Instagram to practice my Chinese! Famous people always get many comments so I don’t think anyone would notice. 😀


你好帅。= You’re really handsome.

I learned how to say “you’re really handsome” in Chinese. I typed it in traditional  Chinese and simplified Chinese and was a little surprised that the character [shuài] or ‘handsome’ looked different. ###


7 thoughts on “Spamming Khalil Fong’s Instagram

  1. You don’t have to specifically learn traditional characters, I think. Chinese people from the Mainland don’t learn them and they have no problem reading stuff from Taiwan or Hong Kong. If you watch TV with traditional subtitles you will pick the characters up automatically. Just concentrate on learning simplified first.

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    • This comment was sorted to spam by WordPress so I didn’t see it. 祝你中秋节快乐。😃 I saw fireworks from my bedroom window yesterday night. Must be the Chinese festival.


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