Today’s Random Thoughts

Someone made a playlist of Khalil Fong’s songs on Spotify and as I listen to them, I had a realization that even though I didn’t usually listen to this genre now, a long time ago, I did like a Korean indie singer/song writer who was  of the same type: glasses, geeky look, R&B, and sweet voice. 😀 His name was STi (스티) and I did collect his CDs for a while. I was self-learning Korean in my bedroom for a year and with my limited vocabulary, I sent STi a tweet to tell him I loved him in Korean. And he replied. K-pop artists say I love you to fans all the time, and vice versa, so it wasn’t really weird.


STi’s reply, October 10, 2012

Is it the same way in Mandopop fandom? Because I found Khalil Fong’s Twitter account ( …should I tweet 我爱你 (I love you)?
Just kidding.

I really know nothing about Khalil Fong so I can’t wait until my Chinese becomes good enough to read Chinese entertainment news and find out more about him.

Ladies and gentlemen…the moment you've all been waiting for…the iPhone 7.

A post shared by Khalil Fong (@soulboykhalilfong) on

I think maybe I’m in a cycle or something. I avoided the genre for so long but now my preference is returning to R&B music. But wherever I am in the cycle, I will always… always… love ONE OK ROCK.

So by coincidence, a new music video of STi was uploaded this morning. I didn’t expect to but I fell in love with his voice and music again.I like the lyrics. He’s telling his girlfriend that he loves taking her places, and spending time with her, and she doesn’t have to worry about troubling him.

흐르는 리듬도 굿바이
키스도 멈출줄 모르고
The flowing rhythm and our goodbye kiss don’t know when to stop

I remember again how much I loved the cute and romantic world STi made with his music.

When I tried to leave a comment on YouTube, I got an error message. So it’s time to learn some Chinese words. Yay~


Wèinéng fābù pínglùn.
Failed to post a comment.

未能 wèinéng = can not
发布 fābù = issue
评论 pínglùn = comment

热门 rèmén = popular
最新 zuìxīn = the latest

次观看 cì guānkàn = views
自动播放 zìdòng bòfàng = automatic + play video
接下来播放 jiēxiàlái bòfàng = next + play video

Maybe someday my brain will develop my own TTS (text-to-speech) machine so I don’t have to depend on online dictionaries for Chinese pronunciation. I wonder how many years it will take to actually happen.

And… I also read an article about comparison between Japanese and Chinese on Japan Times:
Conclusion: the Chinese characters may look alike but they’re still 2 different languages so you still have to study hard.

I still have to study hard.

OK. Maybe starting tomorrow. Because I’m tired now. 玩儿累了。(I’m tired from playing). ←I learned this phrase from Sung Joo (UNIQ) yesterday. ###


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