About Textbooks, Khalil Fong

These last few days, I didn’t study much. I downloaded free mp3 files for Chinese language textbooks from Korean publishers’ websites.I had to register first but I think it’s nice that they let me download those files even though I’m not Korean and I don’t live in Korea. I’ve also found those publishers’ official YouTube channels  where I can watch video lectures to learn Chinese (in Korean, of course). And I also bought another e-textbook for beginners on Ridibooks. 😀


I found a new textbook series “HSK Standard Course” that I’m interested in.  The problem is I can only get them on Book Depository and lately it takes 3 months for the books to arrive at my house. I’m not sure which level I will need in 3 months. Will I still need the books for level 1? Level 2? Level 3? I can’t decide.


I think I’ll start studying seriously tomorrow with the textbooks I already own.

While I was procrastinating, I also found a Chinese male singer/song writer that I like: Khalil Fong/方大同 (Fāng Dàtóng or Fong Tai Tung). He’s from Hong Kong. He’s 33. His voice reminds me of a Korean singer/song writer Dean. Similar style, I guess. By the way, Dean is 23. (So?)


方大同Khalil Fong-放不過自己 Unforgivable (Official MV)

DΞΔN feat. GAEKO “D (half moon)” (Official Video)

The song title on YouTube is written in traditional Chinese: 放不過自己, and in simplified Chinese it’s: 放不过自己, right? I can’t figure out what it means. 😀

放 fàng = release, let go
不过 búguò = can’t win by…, however, very, can’t
自己 zìjǐ = self

You can’t let yourself free? You can’t depart from yourself? You
can’t not be yourself?

I think the lyrics will be too difficult for me… but I’ll learn what I can from the song.I really like it. How to say it in Chinese… 很好听。😀

His new album Journey To The West will be released on September 28 on iTunes. I’ll check to see whether I like it. ###


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