I’ll Just Learn Simple Patterns First

I read this sentence on Sunday.

Qiūtiān méiyǒu Dōngjīng nàme liángkuai.
Autumn is not as cool as in Tokyo.

Today is Tuesday and I still don’t get it.

Maybe I will understand if I continue reading to the chapter about sentences with verb as predicate because 没有 is a verb. But I just don’t feel like to continue. 😦

Time to switch to another textbook.

On Instagram, I saw a selfie of Hyeri (Girl’s Day) studying with a Chinese textbook in Korean.

I found the e-book edition on Google Books.
233 Core Patterns for Chinese Conversations. It has audio by native speakers and translation in Korean and looks very easy to understand.

Chinese Conversations

I bought it and I will be learning with this book today. 😀 ###


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