I Don’t Use Google Pinyin Input Anymore

I don’t use Google Pinyin Input anymore because it’s all in Chinese.
Now I use… what’s that called again… Microsoft Pinyin New Experience Input Style (Simplified Chinese) which is in English (thank God!) and it has been working great for me, a beginner in Chinese.

The reason I first used Google Pinyin Input is because I’ve been using Google Japanese Input for years and love it.

Unfortunately I don’t love Google Pinyin Input. It just drove me crazy.

So now I use the default Chinese keyboard that came with Windows 7. What’s that called again… Microsoft Pinyin New Experience Input Style. There are other options, too. I don’t know how they’re different. I just read on the internet that someone used Microsoft Pinyin New Experience Input Style and so I tried it and it works. 😀

Change Keyboard

Change keyboards

Language Bar

Language Bar

Stephen 先生 who visited this blog told me that Chinese natives didn’t really pay attention to the difference between ‘l’ and ‘r’ and that I could change the setting of my Chinese keyboard so it didn’t strictly make differences between ‘l’ and ‘r’. Something like that. Stephen 先生,谢谢。

So I think I could do that with Fuzzy Pinyin Setting – Fuzzy Pairs Setting.

Fuzzy Pinyin Setting

Fuzzy Pinyin Setting

Look at that!
“zh, z”, “ch, c”, “sh, s”, “n, l”, “l, r”, etc.
I can just ignore them all and still get the right words? Wow.

But as a beginner, I want to make sure I remember pinyin correctly. I need to know the correct pinyin in order to be able to recognize the correct Chinese sounds… so I won’t use it. But it’s something interesting to know about.

All the functions on the Chinese keyboard are mystery to me. Maybe I will find out about them later. Maybe not. ###


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