Chinese Podcasts : 喜马拉雅FM

Listen to Chinese podcasts: 喜马拉雅FM

I am using an Android app to listen to podcasts called ‘Podcast Republic‘ and I subscribe to 2 Chinese podcasts:

  1. 【一千零一夜】睡前故事
    ‘1001 Nights – Bedtime Stories’
    Imagine if you had a Chinese mother who read you a story in Chinese every night. 😀
  2.  一个人听
    ‘A person who listens’? Not sure. I just like the female host’s beautiful soothing voice even though I don’t understand anything she says. 😀

I don’t really listen to them -because I can’t understand a thing-, I just play a 15-30 minute episode in the background while I do household chores. If I lived in China, I would hear Chinese that I don’t understand all the time, right? Maybe that way my brain will understand that those Chinese sounds are important. Maybe. Oh-oh, that reminds me that I forgot again how the sounds of q, zh, ch are different. I’ll read that part again from my textbook later.

So… I googled and found the two podcasts on this Chinese site 喜马拉雅FM: and there are also tons of other Chinese podcasts to explore there. Just choose an episode and click the orange play button to listen.

Click the orange play button to listen.


That’s all.###


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