At a Snail’s Pace

I’ve just realized something: learning Chinese takes a very long time, or maybe I’m just learning Chinese very slowly. 😀

On August 25th, I downloaded HSK level 2 questions, thinking that I could learn new vocabulary from it in a day but in reality I could only manage to learn no. 36-40 of the reading section and I stopped there because I was tired.

HSK Level 2

HSK level 2

On August 26, I continued to no. 41-45. I got tired and stopped studying. Trying to understand new Chinese grammar from online dictionary only gave me headache. I thought that I needed to study with a textbook first before I study from HSK level 2 questions.

August 27-28, I got a fever from too much stress during the weekdays. 😀
I didn’t study but I watched UNIQ’s live chat on V app (they are the reason I’m learning Chinese).

V App

Hello, everyone, I’m Yibo.

Today, August 29, I returned to HSK level 1 preparation textbook,  and I tried to answer the questions of listening section of the mock test no.3. It wasn’t easy at all. Even though I thought I already knew all the vocabulary needed for level 1.

Understanding by reading is different from understanding by listening. For example,

Xiǎomāo zuò zài yǐzi shàng.
The kittens are sitting on a chair.

this sentence is easy to understand by reading or looking at the Chinese characters, but when I listened to it for the first time without checking the written sentence first, I couldn’t understand it. 😀

It’s not something new, I experienced it with Korean, too. So I think I’ll focus more in listening practices from now on. I want to understand what UNIQ’s members are saying when they speak to each other in Chinese.

OK, then. Good night. 晚安。###


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