I Bought Books, or in Chinese 我买书了

Two Korean members of UNIQ were on HeyoTV for an interview yesterday (I even downloaded the app so I could watch the show live) and today a video of them singing was uploaded on YouTube.
UNIQ is the reason why I am learning Chinese so I was in high spirits and strongly motivated to memorize new Chinese words.

UNIQ – Luv Again (Chinese version):

My next goal is to memorize 150 words for HSK level 2.
So I put those words into Anki today. When I finished, Anki gave me a warning that I had made too many decks.


I was using it wrong.

So making small decks on Anki is a bad idea. 😦

I also felt bad about my lazy self when I saw all the numbers under the New and Due tabs and so I decided to delete everything.

Anki - Reset

Starting anew again.

I bought some Chinese language textbooks online.

These two are in Korean:

Chinese Textbooks on Ridibooks

Ridibooks (Korean)

Left: 중국어 어휘의 달인이 되는 법 HSK 1~4급 초중급편
(HSK Level 1 to 4 – How to be an Expert on Chinese Vocabulary – Basic and Intermediate) 7,425 won (after discount)
because I thought I needed sample sentences for HSK vocabulary.

Right: 중국어는 뻔한 패턴의 반복이다
(Chinese Language is Repetitions of Obvious Patterns – 90 Sentence Patterns)
5,838 won (after discount)
because I liked the app on Google Play.
When I finish this one, I want to get other textbooks with 200~300 sentence patterns.

Before I bought the e-books, I downloaded the audio files from the publisher’s website (I had to register to become member first).

These books are in Japanese:


Neowing Japan

Both from Beret (ベレ出版), Japan which publishes language books.

Left: しっかり学 ぶ中国語文法
(Learn Chinese Grammar Thoroughly, no CD edition)
because I wanted more explanation for grammar.
I learned Korean using the textbooks of the same series (しっかり学ぶ ) and I liked them.

Right: a book on how to practice English, not Chinese.
The book was alright but not really fit my preferences… I don’t want to invite people to practice speaking, I don’t want to write a diary every day, I don’t want to do any of the author’s advice.

After ordering all those e-books, I still wanted a real Chinese grammar textbook I could flip through, not in e-book edition, so I ordered one more grammar textbook published by NHK, on CD Japan.


7 patterns of Chinese grammar on Neowing

And the last, I ordered a preparation book for HSK Level 2 in Korean on YES24 Indonesia.


HSK Level 2 prep book on YES24

Wow, that’s six. I didn’t realize I bought that many.
I can’t wait until I’m done with HSK level 2 so I can buy more Chinese textbooks (for level 3). 😀 ###


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