Today I found a new Chinese social website to explore: Douban The website looks so clean and neat and modern, without those scary blinking ads. I love books, so I’ll visit Douban Book often.

More info about Douban at Wikipedia:

Let’s see what it has to offer…

读书 [dúshū] book – book reviews, e-book market
电影 [diànyǐng] movie – movie reviews
音乐 [yīnyuè] music – music reviews, music streaming
小组 [xiǎozǔ] group – blogs (?)
同城 [tóngchéng] local info (?)
FM = randomly plays a song whenever I reload
东西 [dōngxi] stuff (?) – online shopping?
市集 [shìjí] market – also online shopping

I can hardly understand a sentence, let alone read a full article there, but I know how I can use it to memorize Chinese vocabulary.

Are you in line?
Nǐ zài páiduì ma?

For example, I want to memorize how to say ‘stand in line’ in Chinese, 排队 [páiduì], I can search for the word 排队 and see how the word is used in books’ titles. Because I love books.
So I did and I found this picture book for babies:

なーらんだ in Chinese

Japanese baby book ‘なーらんだ’ in Chinese

なーらんだ means ‘we’re all lined up’. So in Chinese, it’s translated as 排队喽. How interesting. Maybe later I will learn how to use 喽 [lou].  😀 ###


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