Not Ready For This… Graded Reader

Chinese Grammar 可以

Chinese grammar 可以

I finished reading all the 50 mini lessons from ゼロからカンタン中国語 会話編 (Easy Chinese from Zero – Conversation) during the weekend. I didn’t try to memorize new words or grammar so I don’t remember anything (!) but I felt like I finally had a general overview of introductory level. I will have to read the book (app) again. And I read a very brief explanation about ‘keyi’ 可以 which is a word in the title of Chinese graded reader book I bought at Kinokuniya: 我可以请你跳舞吗?[wǒ kěyǐ qǐng nǐ tiàowǔ ma?] Can I Dance with You?

So today, I tried to read the level 1 book (the easiest, ‘300 word’ level) for the first time.

It was too hard. I got tired looking up words and still I couldn’t understand what the sentences mean. I listened to the CD, thinking maybe it would help me make sense of the written Chinese sentences. I was wrong.

So I gave up at the first page. 😁 Maybe I should finish a basic level textbook first before I try read the book again. ###


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