[Chinese Textbook Review] 하오빵 신 HSK 1급 실전 모의고사

I bought a Chinese textbook with mp3 CD written in Korean. It’s a preparation book for HSK level 1 (150 words), originally written by Beijing Language and Culture University Press. I hear that name a lot. I think they published many Chinese textbooks.

Title: 어린이 중국어 – 하오빵 신 HSK 1급 실전 모의고사 – 테마별 필수 어휘 150 (CD1장포함)
Chinese for Children – ‘Haoppang’ Series – New HSK Level 1 Mock Tests – 150 Words Divided by Themes – 1 CD included
16,500 won
시사중국어사 (SISA Chinese Publishing)
ISBN 9791157200214(1157200214)


HSK Level 1 Questions & Answer Keys/Explanation

I don’t use the book to test my proficiency because I practically know nothing about Chinese language, I use the answer keys to teach myself Chinese vocabulary and practice listening.

There are 3 mock tests in this HSK level 1 preparation book. I’ve just finished studying with 2 of them. I learned some basic sentences. I was happy about it.

The book consists of 2 books: one is the HSK test questions and one is the answer keys. I didn’t mean to separate them, but when I started reading, they both fell off the main cover.


The book for explanation looks like this, in blue and black fonts.


What I like:
– it’s a colorful book (because it’s for children) with a lot of colors and illustrations, not just black and white like the HSK books I saw at Kinokuniya Bookstore
– 3 mock tests with audio files, script, and translation (in Korean); that’s why I bought it.


The book for questions is colorful.

What I don’t like:
– no sample sentences; the 150 words are re-arranged in 3 different ways (by categories, alphabetically, and as ‘write the pinyin/translation of this Chinese word’ questions), but no sample sentences
– you can’t start from zero with this book, prior knowledge is assumed
– the book gives word meanings and practical tips to answer the test questions but lacks in explanation about grammar (maybe because it’s for children or they assume you have studied with other textbooks of the same series) if compared to an HSK textbook level 1 published in Japan that I saw on Amazon Japan https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4906725066
– no Chinese scripts and its translation for instructions recorded in the CD. I know it might be too difficult for HSK level 1 test takers, and I can guess that it’s something like “select the one that describes the picture…”, but why not put them in the book?

Overall, the book is okay. After I finish it, I will study with HSK level 2 preparation book.

I wonder whether there are rules about word order when there are 2 verbs in 1 sentence.

Wǒ xiǎng zuò chūzūchē qù yīyuàn.
I want to take a taxi to go to the hospital.

Wǒmen jīntiān zhōngwǔ qù nǎr chīfàn?
Where do we go to eat lunch today?

I’ll pay attention when I start studying with other textbooks later. 😀 ###


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