I Bought a Japanese App to Learn Chinese

I’m thinking that I can never give a good answer to why I am learning a foreign language. If a Korean asks me why I’m learning Korean, I will say Park Yong Ha’s death. I get a hunch that it’s an answer no Korean would appreciate. If a Chinese asks me why I’m learning Chinese, I will answer: UNIQ. I’m sure I will get a puzzled look: UNIQ? UNIQ who?
But then again, I don’t know anyone, I have zero friend, no one will ask me this question, so I don’t have to worry about giving an appropriate or politically correct answer. 😀

Yesterday I bought an app version of a Japanese textbook for learning Chinese: ゼロからカンタン中国語 会話編 (Easy Chinese from Zero – Conversation) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.nec.app.android.zerokan_china3 300 yen. The textbook would cost me more so I consider it cheap.

ゼロからカンタン中国語 会話編

Google Play

There are 50 mini lessons in the app, with audio, quizzes, and vocabulary list. I really like it. I read until lesson 10 yesterday. Today I’ll start from lesson 11.

Lesson 11
Do you … ?
S+V+(O)+吗 [ma]?

Nǐ chōuyān ma?
Do you smoke?

Nǐ dǎ gāo’ěrfūqiú ma?
Do you play golf?

抽烟 chōuyān =to smoke
高尔夫球 gāo’ěrfūqiú = golf, golf ball (transliteration of ‘golf’ + ball?)
打高尔夫球 dǎgāo’ěrfūqiú = to play golf

Oh-oh, it’s Friday. 今天星期五。I’ve got so much to do on Friday. I have to go now. Bye! 再见。 ###


2 thoughts on “I Bought a Japanese App to Learn Chinese

  1. I know what you mean about giving PC answers!! When people ask me “why are you teaching in korea?” I feel like my answet is never good enough: ” I need money. I like kpop. I’m not ready for graduate school or marriage. I don’t really know! Why not?” All true, but always the wrong answer for the person asking. Lol

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