Amazon China, etc.

Buying new language textbooks is part of the fun of language learning for me. I think I spend more time browsing for language textbooks on online bookstores than I spend time reading them. Which is not… good… but I don’t really care.

I looked around for Chinese textbooks on Amazon China ( or When I started learning Korean, I browsed YES24 (web store in Korea) and looked up words from the site until I could read all the important (?) words like ‘shopping cart’, ‘preview book pages’, ‘dispatch in 2 days’, and other words related to online shopping. I plan to do the same with Amazon China’s website.

Amazon China

Chinese Textbooks on Amazon China

I’m interested in the Chinese Graded Reader 500 words book because it comes with a bonus MP3 CD for listening practice but I think it’s too difficult for me now. I need to finish the 2 introductory level textbooks I’m using now first.

I browsed for Chinese textbooks in Korean on Kyobo Book and I wanted to buy this textbook for beginners: 하오톡 중국어 1.

It’s recently published and it’s meant for self-training speaking. I loved that it looks so colorful with illustrations and looks easy to understand so I registered to buy the book. The book was 13500 won and the shipping fee to Indonesia was about the same amount, I thought I could still accept the total price for a textbook. I mean, compare to “Integrated Chinese” series in English which is too expensive for me. I completed registration, put the book into the shopping basket, but the Korean website would not accept my credit card. I got this warning in English: “302: Your bank does not provide 3D Secure Authentication.” which is not true because my bank does provide 3D authen… thing. I tried 2 more times and failed. Now I don’t really want the book anymore.

I re-downloaded free Naver Phrasebook app (in Korean) from Google Play because I remember that it had Chinese phrases with audio. The app is really good but I don’t know how I can memorize all these hundreds of Chinese sentences. 😀
I do remember one which is new to me:

(수고하셨어요. お疲れ様でした。Thank you for your hard work.)

I can learn from the app, sentence by sentence, word by word, character by character so actually I don’t need to buy a new textbook.

I also installed 3 more free apps -in Korean and Japanese- to learn Chinese:
1. Weblio Chinese- Japanese Dictionary which is like an app version of a paper dictionary, no audio
2. 중국패턴Lite (Chinese sentence patterns, with audio for the sample sentences) and I found the e-book version on Ridibooks (Korean e-books), maybe I’ll buy it
3. 完全暗記!中国語単語1000 (in Japanese, colorful flash cards with audio for 1000 Chinese basic words).

I read (and practiced) pronunciation of 軽声, the one without tone mark. I assume that the tone is actually relative to the tone before it. I’m glad there’s some kind of rule about it because I couldn’t figure it out before I read the chapter.

I found that I could search and stream J-pop songs from Chinese site, Kuwo.

Lee Hong Gi, vocalist of Korean rock band, FTISLAND, recommended a J-pop song by Radwimps, 前前前世(Movie Ver.), on his Instagram,

and I found that I could stream the song with lyrics here:

Maybe now I’ll listen to J-pop again. I love learning Chinese. 😀 ###


4 thoughts on “Amazon China, etc.

    • I’m totally different. I don’t like textbooks. At the moment I have one for Chinese (which I don’t use and probably never will use) and one for Korean. Novels and manga on the other hand….
      I have some Chinese ones I had for years but only now am able to read. 😉

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