I’ve just read lesson 13 of my Chinese textbook. I’m not sure I remember everything. No, let me rephrase that. I’m sure I don’t remember everything. The grammar was easy, about this is, that is, and which is, and also ‘de’ 的, which is like the Japanese ‘no’ の. But there are some words I don’t remember: ‘passport’ and ‘driving license’, and I mix up ‘that’ and ‘which’. I will re-read the lesson tomorrow. Too sleepy now.

This is a sample sentence from lesson 13:

This is made in Japan.
Zhè shì Rìběn zhìzào.

I remember seeing 中国制造 ‘made in China’ on a toy. I meant to look it up on dictionary but I didn’t. Now I know how to read it. Zhōngguó zhìzào. Yay. 🙂

I also tried to learn from the lyrics of Falling In Love (Chinese version) by UNIQ because UNIQ is the reason why I’m learning Chinese. But I quit at the 1st line because it was too hard for me. 😀

当我 看到 正在 看 我的 你
dāngwǒ kàndào zhèngzài kàn wǒ de nǐ
Translation from a fan site: “When I see you watching me”.

What’s interesting for me is now I start noticing 正在 ‘zhèngzài’ (is -ing) show up many times on my tablet. 正在保存, 正在发送, and some other 正在 + difficult Chinese characters I can’t read. So now I’m tempted to continue learning words from the lyrics. Maybe just one line a day. I really like the song.

A member of UNIQ, Seungyeon has just released a Korean rap song, with another rapper, Flowsik, called Recipe.

When I searched for the song on Baidu.com, I found that I could stream the entire song with lyrics (in Korean) from the first page of search result page.

Recipe - Flowsik and Luizy (UNIQ)

But when I click the song title, which takes me to Baidu Music, I get a ‘sorry, for China only…’.

Yesterday was Seungyoun and Yibo’s birthday so I tweeted 生日快乐 (happy birthday, ‘shēngrì kuàilè’) to UNIQ’s official account. I will use that phrase a lot from now on because there are 5 of them. 😀

That’s all. Now I’ll go to sleep. Good night. ###


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