My Chinese Name

I read lesson 12 of NHK Everyday Chinese today. I learned 4 sentences.

What’s your family name?
Nín guìxìng?

What’s your full name?
Nǐ jiào shénme míngzi?

My family name is…
Wǒ xìng…

My full name is…
Wǒ jiào…

In the textbook, they translate Japanese name Satou Emi (佐藤惠美) to Zuǒténg Huìměi which I think is interesting ( Does it mean I need my own Chinese name?

I googled ‘how to make your Chinese name’ and found some Chinese name generator sites (for fun), and also some serious articles about deciding your own Chinese name. So basically I can choose whatever I want? I can choose transliteration of my full name or make a new one that sounds Chinese?

A Chinese name generator site suggested this name to me: “anjing”. In Indonesian, “anjing” means “dog” so I laughed and protested to my self: no, no, no, I don’t want to be called dog.

I choose ‘An’ for my family name, and ‘Dini’ for my given name because I want to be called [an-di-ni] in any language.

I looked up Chinese characters on ZDict (, and got these:

安 ān : peaceful, tranquil, quiet
迪 dí : enlighten, advance; progress
妮 nī : maid, servant girl; cute girl

So I can introduce my self in Chinese like this:

Hello. My family name is An, my full name is An Dini. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu.
你好。我姓安, 叫安迪妮。请多关照。
Nǐ hǎo. Wǒ xìng ān, jiào ān dí nī. Qǐng duō guānzhào.

Is my Chinese name weird? I hope not. Maybe at some point, all foreigners who learn Chinese will have to decide their own Chinese name?

Anyway, it was fun… and I’ll blog again tomorrow. Maybe.

Have a nice weekend! How do you say ‘have a nice weekend’ in Chinese? Let’s ask Google Translate.

Zhōumò yúkuài. 周末愉快.

Is it correct? If you read it in Japanese, it’s ‘weekend’ & ‘amusing’ or ‘fun’. ###


4 thoughts on “My Chinese Name

  1. 周末愉快 seems to be right. It has the about same meaning as in Japanese. weekend + happy, pleasant, delightful.

    安迪妮 seems to work. There is an Indonesian badminton player with that name. But your friends would call you 迪妮, if that matters to you. I searched for 迪妮 and it’s the name of a company that makes women’s clothes and also a brand of sex toys. But I don’t think anybody would know that.

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