Chinese Pronunciation Book

The Chinese pronunciation training book (with audio CD) in Japanese  that I ordered on Neowing Japan has arrived. I tweeted the picture with hashtag #neowing and Neowing official account gave it “heart”. 😀

Neowing Liked My Tweet

My Twitter is in Chinese now. No, I haven’t learned any new Chinese word from Twitter. I will, though.

The book is a bit expensive (because of the shipping fee from Japan) but it’s still cheaper than hiring a teacher who can explain all these training methods to me… in Japanese.

I think the book is alright. It’s not very thick, each “how-to” is explained in simple step-by-step manner, sometimes with black and white illustrations, and there is a lot of white space in the pages so my first impression was that there were not enough contents. But maybe it’s good that the book is not very long and daunting. I installed a voice recorder app on my tablet because I am supposed to record my own voice and compare it to the voice from the CD.

The book consists of 4 chapters:
chapter one about how to pronounce vowels and consonants,
chapter 2 is about combination of tones,
chapter 3 is about a few difficult Chinese pronunciations for native Japanese,
and chapter 4 is about how to train prosody to sound natural (rhythm, intonation, and stuff like that?) and how to give self-introduction in Chinese, starting from 大家好。Dàjiā hǎo. (Hello, everyone).

By the way, I happened to see this clip on Instagram, I only understand “hello everyone, I’m actor Yuan Ling Yan from China” and nothing more (Dàjiā hǎo. Wǒ shì Zhōngguó de yǎnyuán Yuán Líng Yān. 大家好。我是中国的演员 袁伶嫣) but I was happy about it. 😀

홍수아 주연의 중국 영화 '방관자'에서 빼어난 연기를 보여줄 배우 링옌이 bnt와 만났습니다👏👏👏 – 또렷한 이목구비만큼이나 자연스럽고 패셔너블한 포즈로 현장의 스텝들이 감탄을 금치 못했다고 하는데요~😎👍 영화 촬영 후 절친이 된 배우 홍수아도 링옌을 위해 촬영장에 깜짝 방문했다는 사실!🙈🙈 – 한국에 놀러오면 꼭 가로수길을 간다는 링옌! 💕한국의 매력에 푹 빠진 그가 국내 진출도 염두에 두고 있다고 하니 언젠가는 링옌의 연기를 더욱 가깝게 만나볼 수 있겠죠?😊😊 – 밝은 미소부터 시크한 매력까지 링옌이 가진 갖가지의 매력이 궁금하다면? 8월19일에 공개되는 화보를 기대해 주세요!😘😚😘 – #링옌 #袁伶嫣 #yuanlingyan #중국 #중국배우 #방관자 #旁观者 #홍수아 #bnt #bntworld #bnt화보

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I just did chapter 1 of the pronunciation book, and I think I’m finally able to differentiate  z. c. s. zh, ch, and sh. I’m excited that maybe the book is helpful but I’m a little scared to continue to chapter 2 about tones because I’m worried that I will ‘fail’ mastering them. How weird is that? I’m learning all by myself but still I’m worried of failure.

I can train myself again and again until I get it, or I can get a new textbook, maybe with a DVD so I can see the mouth movements of native Chinese speaker so, actually, there’s nothing to worry about.

There is no such thing as failure. I can only fail if I quit. ###


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