Random Stuff I did to Learn Chinese

Let’s see…

I found how to type Chinese characters with ü (u with 2 dots above it). It’s “v”. For example, this character: 女 (nǚ) is “nv”. I didn’t know that. 😀

I re-read lesson 10 about the hidden “ü” sound for ju, qu, xu, and also yu.
I was a little annoyed at Pinyin when I found out that he hid things from me. I forgive him, though.

When I started learning Korean, I liked using an online picture dictionary to memorize basic Korean words (http://www.indiana.edu/~koreanrs/kordic.html) so I searched for a Chinese online picture dictionary and found it here: http://www.opdome.com/chinese/.

I found a Chinese textbook series for beginners: 301 Conversational Chinese from Beijing Language and Culture University. The series has been translated into many languages, including English, Japanese, and Korean. In Korea, the publisher, Darakwon, even add a complete video course in Korean to use with the books (but I don’t know whether I can watch it from Indonesia).

Here is a sample video on YouTube (about tone changes of 你好):

Maybe I’ll get the first book in Korean and the CD (Korean title: 301구로 끝내는 중국어회화 上) when I finish the NHK Japan book series I’m using now. So I’ll think about it again… in 6 months from now.

I ordered a Chinese textbook to prepare for HSK Level 1 in Korean: 어린이 중국어 하오빵 HSK 1급 which is a full-color textbook with illustrations for children 310,000 rupiah (US$ 24). It should arrive in 2-3 weeks.

HSK 1 for Children in Korean

HSK preparation book level 1 for children, in Korean

I was learning the Chinese word for toilet: 厕所 cèsuǒ. The first Chinese character in the word doesn’t exist in Japanese as far as I know, so it’s a new one for me. I googled it and got this dictionary for Chinese characters: http://www.zdic.net/z/16/js/5395.htm

ZDict is in Chinese and I don’t understand most part of it but it looks useful.

I tried some add-ons for Chinese pop-up dictionary for Firefox but I decided I didn’t need them and uninstalled them right away. I will only learn basic words anyway. I decide I won’t read Chinese articles beyond my level like I did when I started learning Korean. I will take it easy and go slowly this time.

What else?

Oh, I have 624 cards (312 words) on Anki in 16 decks. I should try and memorize… something. 😓

That’s all. ###




4 thoughts on “Random Stuff I did to Learn Chinese

  1. There are no dots aboe yu and qu and so on because there is only this one version of them that sounds like yü. For lu and others lü also exists, so you have to have the dots to distinguish them.


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