HSK Level 1 and Google Speech Recognition

Here are some things I found on the internet yesterday:

List of vocabulary for HSK Level 1 (150 words):
– in English: http://www.hsk.academy/en/hsk_1
– in Korean: http://cndic.naver.com/CnEntry.nhn?m=hskInfo&hskParam=1&parts=-1&sortByLetter=ALL
– in Japanese: http://chugokugo.shisyou.com/side_menu1_07.html (with grammar explanation in Japanese)

I can download sample problems, audio files, and answer keys of HSK Level 1 here:
https://www.ksknet.co.jp/nikken/guidance/HSK/pastquestions/01.aspx (in Japanese, 2013)
http://www.chinesetest.cn/godownload.do (in Chinese).

The lowest level of HSK seems achievable.
Even though I still need to learn my first Chinese grammar properly. 😀

The 150 words are already on my Anki.

I listened to  the Japanese audiobook I bought yesterday and got a little disappointed because the first half of it was all about how English teachers at Yale University trained their students for pronunciation. It was a useless information for me because I have no intention to find a Chinese teacher who can teach me how to put my fingers into my mouth to fix my Chinese pronunciation. Is there even anyone who can do that?

But the book mentioned about using Siri to practice English pronunciation. I don’t have an iPhone, only a Samsung tablet, but I remembered that Google Search had speech recognition, too.
So I changed the setting of my tablet to Chinese (中文) -how to pronounce that, let me look it up, oh, Zhōngwén-, giggled when I saw the screen was all in Chinese, tapped the mic button on Google Chrome, and said the first thing I could remember in Chinese: wǒ shì Rìběn rén 我是日本人。(I am Japanese). 😀
I’m Indonesian, not Japanese, but it was a sentence I learned from my NHK textbook which is in Japanese.

To my surprise, Google displayed “我是日本人”! Google could understand me!

And then I tried again, I tapped the mic on Google Chrome, said: bù hǎoyìsi 不好意思 (excuse me) and Google got it right again!

The last time, I tried a phrase I just learned: 没关系 méi guānxi (it’s OK) and Google displayed something that made me uncomfortable.


A famous Mandopop song?

I’m sure that my Chinese pronunciation is awful, but even so, I found the fact that Google “understood” my Chinese was encouraging. I guess my teacher Google is very understanding and supportive and it wants me to continue learning Chinese. 😀 ###



4 thoughts on “HSK Level 1 and Google Speech Recognition

  1. Really! The language is not that hard and he repeats the same lines all the time. The lyrics are real cheesy. 哈哈


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