Books I Ordered because I’m Learning Chinese

Yesterday I made about 100 new flash cards on Anki, taken from the Chinese wordbook I bought on Google Play.

I don’t remember that it’s so hard to memorize 100 basic words. 😀



By the way, someone asked me on my other blog whether I had recommendation for reading material now that he had learned 190 Korean words.

I replied that I was learning Chinese, and I knew 100 Chinese words, and I suspected that the only reading material that used exactly those 100 words was my textbook. 😀

And I also replied that input (reading and listening) was one way to retain words, but another way was output (by speaking and writing) so how about writing sentences using those 190 words on Lang-8? Besides, input is actually a weaker way to retain words than output.

Now I have a confession to make. I hate making my own sentences and that’s why I don’t use Lang-8 anymore. 😀 I don’t make my own sentences, I just learn sentences from somewhere (dictionaries, textbooks, and phrasebooks) and then I’m just happy that I know them. 😀

I read an online article about learning Chinese in Japanese and it said the most important aspect of Chinese was pronunciation. So I ordered a textbook in Japanese about Chinese pronunciation on Neowing/CDJapan:

中国語発音マスター by Yuko Takada which cost me 3378 yen (US$ 33) including EMS shipping fee ( I expect it to arrive next week.

Master Chinese Pronunciation

Master Chinese Pronunciation

I also bought another Chinese textbook from NHK Japan (e-book) on Fujisan: NHKテレビ テレビで中国語 2016年4月号 410 yen (US$ 4).
I can’t watch the TV program in Indonesia but the explanation in the textbook is interesting and easy to understand and it’s not expensive.

Learning Chinese from TV

Learning Chinese from TV

And then I bought a Japanese audiobook about learning English on Febe: 世界の非ネイティブエリートがやっている英語勉強法 ( thinking maybe I could apply it to learning Chinese, 1512 yen (US$ 15).

Learning English the way non-native Elites do

Learning English the way the non-native Elite do

I listened to the sample audio and it said that learning English started from pronunciation. I thought, oh, just like Chinese!  and so I clicked ‘purchase’. ###


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