Deleted All My Anki Cards

Today I purchased the audio files for lesson 11 – 20 on Febe for 600 yen (US$ 6). I browsed the pages for lesson 11 and found that I was supposed to learn my first Chinese grammar: A = B, A 是 B。The expression of the day was ‘I am the tour guide’.  我是导游。Wǒ shì dǎoyóu (

I thought, before I study, let me put this expression into Anki. So I did, and then I noticed that so many cards were overdue.

I set the steps (in minutes) to “15  1440” hoping that if I click ‘again’, the card will show up the next 15 minutes, and if I click ‘good’ or ‘easy’, it will show up the next day. I’m not sure whether it will work out that way or not, though.😁


And then it occurred to me that maybe I had too many cards on just one deck.

Maybe that’s why it takes too much time to review all of them and they’re getting overwhelming to me. Maybe it’s better to make a small deck with only 20 words max.

And so I decided to delete all my Anki cards.🎉


A whole new beginning.🌱

I spent too much time on Anki that I got tired and didn’t want to study anymore. Lesson 11 will have to wait until tomorrow. ###


2 thoughts on “Deleted All My Anki Cards

  1. I see that it took you 30 minutes to review 81 cards. That seems really high. I’m not the fastest and my average answe time is 7.1 seconds. Maybe the format of your cards is too complicated?

    As for the overwhelming reviews, do you review everyday? The number of cards in your deck has no direct influence on the number of reviews. I do 20 new sentences every day and that amounts to about 130 reviews every day. Which is 20 minutes or so.
    If the reviews are too many for you, try doing less new cards per day.


    • I don’t really understand how Anki works but maybe I made too many new cards too soon. I will make smaller decks so I don’t feel too much guilt when I ignore them. Thank you. 谢谢。


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