Maybe Chinese Grammar is Not Difficult

Lesson 9 was about 3 ways to pronounce ‘i’ and the rule about where (on which vowel) to put the tone mark.

Expression of the day

Bù hǎoyìsi.
Excuse me./I’m sorry.

Other than that, I tried to learn from sentences in the Chinese wordbook for introductory level that I bought on Google Play (just 8 words and 8 sample sentences). I know nothing about Chinese grammar but the sentences have translation and Naver Dictionary (Chinese-Korean) can divide the sentence into words and phrases so I thought why not? It turned out, the sentences were pretty straightforward. “My dad’s + body + very + healthy.”


Naver Dictionary analyzes the sentence for me.

I recorded 28 words to Anki but I couldn’t remember them.
I find that I can remember the Chinese words in romanized form, but without the correct tone marks. I can’t remember how they’re supposed to sound, either. I guess I can use mnemonics or write them until I remember or listen to words until I can connect them to their pinyin but I just didn’t feel like doing it today. Maybe tomorrow. ###


5 thoughts on “Maybe Chinese Grammar is Not Difficult

  1. I agree, it’s not that hard. You just have to put the right words in the right order. The only problem is, there are soooo many words xD

    I have a tip for your flashcards. Try not putting the translation of the whole sentence, only of the word you want to learn. That helps with thinking in Chinese and not translating everything in your head.

    For example, that is how my flashcards look:


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    • Wow, that’s a very long sentence. I realize the grammar will get very very difficult later. Thank you for showing me your Anki cards and your advice to focus on words I want to memorize. I’m still having trouble with words and tones, maybe I will worry about sentences later.


  2. The grammar stays the same. You just learn new words.

    What I meant is:
    If you want to learn the word for teacher 老师 and you already know the words for he and is, you could put a sentence like 他是老师。into Anki.
    Then you maybe want to learn the word for tall 高. So your next sentence could be 老师很高。
    I do this for all my sentences. They all have just ONE unknown word in them. It really helps to see them in context and to see how they are used.

    But that is just a suggestion. Maybe your learning style is different and my approach doesn’t work for you.

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    • Right now, every word is a new word for me. I can’t even make a sentence consists of one word I know and one word I don’t know. Maybe I’ll try that later when I know enough words and grammar. Thank you for the tip. 谢谢。


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