Quizlet for Memorizing Chinese Words

From lesson 4, I learned about aspirated – unaspirated sounds, and pronunciation of 14 consonants (out of 21).

What I need to remember:
‘qi’ sounds like ‘chi’,
‘xi’ sounds like ‘shi’.

Some Chinese consonants remind me of Korean sounds.
To me,
‘be’ reminds me of Korean ‘beu’ 브 (unaspirated)
‘pe’ reminds me of Korean ‘peu’ 프 (aspirated)
‘ge’ sounds like Korean ‘geu’ 그
‘ke’ sounds like Korean ‘keu’ 크
‘ji’ sounds like Korean ‘ji’ 지.
‘di’ sounds like Korean ‘di’ 디.

Expression learned today, as reply to ‘thank you’:

You’re welcome. *most formal

You’re welcome.

Don’t mention it.

Méi shìr.
Think nothing of it.

To me Chinese ‘bu’ sounds like Korean ‘bo’ 보. But of course, it’s just my own interpretation of the Chinese sounds which are new to me.

There was also a listening/dictation test for 5 words at the end of the lesson, I was supposed to be able to write the Pinyin. It was totally impossible for me to do it so I thought I would just save the new 5 words to Quizlet (https://quizlet.com/).

I’m still figuring out how to use Quizlet if I want to use simplified Chinese, Pinyin, and the translation in Korean. I copy-pasted the Chinese word in Simplified Chinese on one side of the card, and on another: Korean and pinyin in a bracket. Like this:

Quizlet for Chinese

Using Quizlet for Chinese

I wonder whether the flash card will work out well or not with the quiz functions. I’ll try again later. ###


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