Figuring Out How To Memorize Chinese Words

Finished lesson 3. It was about double vowels (ai, ao, etc.) and it wasn’t difficult. From the listening test at the end of the lesson, I found my weakness. The female speaker’s tone no. 3 sounds like no. 2 to me. I think because her voice is high-pitched, and I expect lower sound for tone no. 3.

Expressions learned:

Good bye.

Bàibai. / Báibái.
Bye-bye. *from English, used among young people

I can’t differentiate combination of tones yet. So I have a plan. I think I’ll just memorize the words and the tones (for example “再见 zàijiàn is 4 and 4”), imitating the sounds (from online dictionary or audio file of textbook) as if I am singing, and maybe someday I’ll be able to differentiate the tones.

With that plan in mind, I bought another e-book on Google Books.

A New Chinese Wordbook

キクタン中国語【入門編】 on Google Books 101,408 rupiah/about US$8

It’s a Chinese wordbook for beginners (キクタン中国語【入門編】中検準4級レベル, in Japanese) with free audio download at the publisher’s website (I had to register and fill a request form in Japanese to download). There are 8 words on every page that I’m supposed to memorize every day (total 504 words). There is also one short sample sentence for each word but I can’t read it yet because I haven’t learned any grammar so the sentences are for later.

Naver Wordbook

Wordbook on Naver Chinese – Korean Dictionary

I have just saved 8 words from the new book for today to my personal wordbook on Naver Dictionary (Chinese-Korean). I like Naver Dictionary because I can listen to audio of the words I saved on-repeat with the Naver wordbook and the word definition is in Korean which is great because I need to retain my Korean.

Naver Wordbook - Quiz

Quiz function on Naver Chinese – Korean Dictionary

There is a quiz function (Korean to Chinese) but without audio. They should add audio for listening test, I think. And there’s also a learning graph function that I probably will never use.

Hey, maybe I should try Quizlet ( because the quiz functions there have audio. Maybe tomorrow. ###


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