Day 3: Choosing My First Chinese Textbook

I googled ‘sites for learning Chinese’ and there were so many of them. Lists of words with audio for HSK (Chinese proficiency test), grammar, phrases, Chinese characters, all things to remember when learning Chinese… So many things to learn! I can’t differentiate these tones!

Overwhelming. I’m overwhelmed.

I haven’t even begun yet.

I need to be under the illusion that Chinese is easy and simple.

Chinese is easy. I can do this. Chinese is easy. I can do this. 🙏

So I stopped reading the websites (they’re for later after I learn some basics) and focus on my next step: finding a Chinese language textbook for beginners that I can really use.

Let’s see my options.

If I order a Chinese textbook from abroad (Book Depository in England, Neowing in Japan, or Yes24 in South Korea), it will take 1 week to 1 month for it to arrive at my house (Indonesia). That’s too long. I want to study right away. So… I think I need e-books with audio download. By the way, I read somewhere that pronunciation is vital in Chinese. So audio is a must.

Google Books (for Chinese textbooks in English and Korean):

Ridibooks (in Korean)

Neowing (in Japanese)

Fujisan (in Japanese)

Febe (audio books in Japanese)

**Browsing for hours**

And… I’ve decided my first Chinese textbook! 🎊
It’s in Japanese.

NHK Chinese Textbook April 2016

NHK Radio – Everyday Chinese – April 2016

Textbook: NHKラジオ まいにち中国語 2016年4月号 410 yen
Audio: NHK「まいにち中国語」2016.04月号(上)600 yen

NHK Chinese Textbook April 2016 Audio

Audio files

Total: 1010 yen. That’s about 10 US dollars.

NHK Radio in Japan has 6-month radio course for Chinese, starting every April and October. I bought the textbook for April 2016 and the audio for 2 weeks of April 2016 so I can learn Chinese from lesson 1. Because lesson 1 is where all the good things start…
If I like the course, I’ll continue buying the next textbooks and audio files.

Each lesson only takes 15-minutes a day. That’s doable. I hope. I don’t trust myself. 😅

I’ll start learning Chinese from the e-book tomorrow! ###


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