Learning Chinese, Step One

Hello, so I decided to learn Chinese on my own (without hiring Chinese teacher or going to language school), in my spare time, in my bedroom, mostly by using the internet, without Chinese friends, and without moving to China. Just like what I’ve been doing with Korean.

My reason?

Let’s see…

No. 1: UNIQ singing in Chinese, and

no. 2: Roy Kim singing in Chinese.

And that’s all, really. 😅

Moving on…

I asked myself, if I wanted to learn Chinese, what should I do first?

I thought, well, maybe I should learn how to type Chinese because when I started learning Korean, I learned how to type hangul.

I found Google Pinyin Input for my computer: http://www.google.com/intl/zh-CN/ime/pinyin/

Wow, it’s all in Chinese. That I can’t read, of course. So I used Google Translate (https://translate.google.com/) to translate the whole page into English.

Download Google Pinyin

Just click the blue bar, right?

And… an .exe file was downloaded to my desktop.

Google Pinyin

Google Pinyin Input

Great. So I clicked it twice to install the Google Pinyin Input.

I couldn’t read the instruction which was in Chinese so I just clicked OK a couple of times until the installation process was completed. Thank God my computer didn’t blow up or anything.

I assumed from the picture on the download page that I just needed to type in romanization and select the right Chinese characters. Right? Let’s try.

But I don’t know any word in Chinese.

I learned Chinese for 6 months at university. I remember nothing from that class. But I did learn something. I learned that it was very hard and boring to learn something without real interest and without real interest, everything I crammed into my head would be forgotten after the test was over. It’s an important life lesson, I think.

But now, I’m interested.

So what should I type? Well, just now I learned one Chinese word: ‘pinyin’. Let’s type ‘pinyin’: p-i-n-y-i-n.


Is it the right Chinese characters? I can read Japanese, but I don’t know these Chinese letters. Let’s ask Google Translate.

Google Translate

Meet my Chinese teacher: Google Translate.

Yeah, I think it’s correct. I clicked the audio button. Aww.. sounds so cute. I imitated Google Translate: pin-yin, pin-yin.😍 ###


10 thoughts on “Learning Chinese, Step One

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  3. 拼音 is correct.
    Naver dict can check Chinese… so you can use Eng to Chi, Kor to Chi or Jap to Chi.
    I’m a Chinese who is starting to learn Korean.
    Thanks for all your tips and memo about learning Korean. It’s useful.
    And do you know what’s the distinguish of Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese?
    Make sure which one is you really want to learn.
    Feel free to ask for help if you need.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for offering me help. That’s so nice of you. Yes, I like Naver Dictionary. I think its audio for Chinese is better than others. My textbook uses 简体字 and 普通话 so i will be learning Simplified Chinese, I think. Thanks. 谢谢。


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